Asbestos Removal company in London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridge, Sussex and Surrey.

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Asbestos Removal and Management in London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridge, Sussex, Surrey

Asbestos Removal & Management
London and Nationwide

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Who we are?

Courtney Lang takes pride in its excellent levels of service delivery and meeting our Clients expectations and targets. We consistently deliver on time, within budget and observing at all times the highest levels of safety and quality assurance.

We currently have the appropriate number of supervisors, teams, administration staff, plant and vehicles in place to successfully resource contracts.

We are proud and protective of our reputation. This has been achieved by hard work, forward thinking, and the desire to constantly improve our service and work procedures. This commitment to the business ensures that our clients receive the high standards of work and service that we provide as standard.

We have a full licence from the HSE and a waste carrier’s licence from the Environment Agency.

We are proud to have a core team of experienced removal staff most of whom have been employed with the company for five years or more. Our experienced, flexible and reliable team are one of our best assets, and we are proud of the repeat business that they continue to generate for the company. We have proven experience of working discreetly and safely in occupied buildings. By providing detailed method statements and working closely with site staff we ensure that works are completed with the minimum of disruption to clients, on time and within agreed budgets.

We will always respond to a client’s instruction within 24 hours, often sooner. Within this time we could be preparing for the job by completing paperwork, ordering materials and allocating and briefing staff.

We work to a comprehensive set of policies that underline our stringently enforced works processes.

We are honest and open with clients; we recognise that the principles of truth, honesty and mutual respect are central to building successful working relationships.

Clear lines of communication between our project managers and our customers are the key to the success of our projects. We focus on clarity and accessibility in all aspects of communication frame.

But it’s not just our technical knowledge and client service that set us apart. It’s the way we work with our clients, other firms and each other, our character and our values.

Our impact is greater when we combine energies. We work as one team, with our clients, consultants and each other, managing issues efficiently, wherever required.

We tackle a client’s challenges as if they were our own and in doing so, build enduring working relationships.

Confidence in your consultant is the key to a successful contract and partnership.