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Case Studies

Royal Brompton Hospital
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Royal Brompton Hospital needed asbestos pipe insulation removed from basement area prior to refurbishment project of the new CT department. Courtney Lang was widely involved with the project and worked closely with the hospital’s project team and staff.

Courtney Lang managed to complete the removal works with zero disturbance for the patients and day to day running of the hospital. As a result, the CT department refurbishment program was completed on time and on budget. Courtney Lang’s team joined the hospital staff for the Hawaiian teamed opening party.
Whitehall Court
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We have been removing varying forms of ACM’s from Whitehall Court for the past seven years; removal items have ranged from damaged lagging, to AIB linings to lift shafts, to debris within occupied apartments.

We removed lagging to pipework which had deteriorated to such an extent that the pipework had frozen. To remove the lagging necessitated the building of scaffolds within light wells whilst the building remained occupied. The residents of the building are high profile and demand expertise, discretion and a high level of customer service

LSE Sardinia House
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London School of Economics commissioned Courtney Lang to carry out removal of pipe insulation and insulation residue to wall within the boiler room. The works were carried out during school holidays to ensure that the boilers could be isolated prior and for the duration of the works.

Another obstacle when working on this project was the confined nature of the area. Courtney Lang’s team had to follow strict procedures and ensure works were compliant with Health and Safety regulations. We managed to tackle every difficulty resulted by the nature of the works and completed the project on time and within agreed budget.
Haberdashers School For Boys
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The Headmasters House of Haberdashers School for Boys was set for demolition as part of large development project. Courtney Lang was involved in the first phase of this project and commissioned to remove large quantities of asbestos insulation board within the building.

Works were carried out under fully controlled conditions and on tight schedule to allow for demolition and redevelopment of site. The asbestos was located within porch, boiler room, store rooms and garage. To meet the timescale of the project, Courtney Lang had to cover the removal within all areas simultaneously.

Courtney Lang had to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions to enable the targeted completion date to be met and within original budget.

Swakelys School for Girls, Hillingdon
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Due to the amount of asbestos contamination in the classrooms, Swakelys school was threatened with an HSE prohibition notice and the closure of the school.

Courtney Lang were approached to draw up, and submit to the HSE, a method to carry out the removal of the asbestos and carry out the environmental clean whilst keeping the school open and operational. This was critical, due to the main contamination being in the 6th form area, and the pupils in this area about to sit their A level mocks exams.

Meetings had to be attended weekly with the education authority and advice given to deal with Health and Safety issues, pupils’ welfare and dealing with very concerned parents and teaching staff.

We are very conscious of the emotive issues that the mention of asbestos raises. As the HSE publicises more statistics about the dangers, the more fearful the general public becomes. As well as removing and managing asbestos safely and successfully, it is a large part of our remit to reassure clients and involved parties that works can be carried out safely and effectively with no risk to the public. As we are very familiar with working in high profile occupied sites we also recognise the need for discretion wherever possible.

The above works were carried out successfully, on time and on budget.
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Courtney Lang has undertaken several projects, most recently the removal asbestos cement roofing sheets to 1 large silo bilding within main research centre and 3no large barns within Nupton Farm totalling 2000sqm. In addition we worked alongside Syngeta renovating numerous building throughout syngenta removing various asbestos materials. The projects was successfully completed within the timescales allocated with zero accidents, incidents and near misses.